TiKOTECH caters to government, universities, mining, agriculture and other non-mining industries. Where necessary we partner with other competent consultancy and specialist companies to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions.

  • Air quality impact assessments.

  • Atmospheric impact reports.

  • Odour-impact assessments.

  • Odour management plans.

  • Dispersion Modelling.

  • Emission inventory development.

  • Development of receptor databases.

  • GID data analysis and mapping.

  • Reporting on the National Atmospheric Emission Inventory System (NAEIS).

  • Atmospheric Emission License (AEL) applications.

  • Public participation as per NEM: AQA.

  • Controlled-emitter registrations.

  • Registration of emitters as per municipal by-laws.

  • Air quality management plans and strategies.

  • Dustfall monitoring programmes.

  • Dustfall monitoring stands and containers within ASTM D1739 specifications.

  • AEL compliance audits.

  • Air quality monitoring.

  • Emission sampling.

  • Mandatory, greenhouse gas accounting and reporting.

  • Greenhouse gas inventory and assertion verification.

  • Carbon footprint.

  • Assist clients in preparing for the Carbon Tax.

  • Climate change impact assessments.

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